How to Create a New Product on MakePostSell

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Creating a new product on MakePostSell is an essential step to start selling your items. This guide will walk you through the fields required to create a new product and explain the customization options available on the product edit page.

Creating a New Product

To create a new product, you need to provide some basic information. Here are the fields you need to fill out:

  1. Title: The name of your product. Make it descriptive and appealing to attract customers.
  2. Description: A detailed description of your product. This helps customers understand what you are offering.
  3. Price: The price of your product. Ensure it is competitive and reflects the value of your product.
  4. Is Bundle: Check this box if your product is a bundle of multiple digital items.
  5. Is Physical: Check this box if your product is a physical item.

Steps to Create a New Product

  1. Log In: Ensure you are logged in to your account.
  2. Create a New Product: Go to the Create New Product page.
  3. Fill Out the Form: Enter the required information in the form fields.
  4. Submit: Click the submit button to create your product.

Customizing Your Product

After creating your product, you can customize various settings on the product edit page. Here are the fields available and their purposes:

  1. Visibility: Set the visibility of your product (e.g., public, private, unlisted).
  2. Thumbnails: Upload images for your product. The thumbnail1 image will be displayed on search pages and is crucial for attracting customers.
  3. Inventory: The amount of this item available per shop location.

Configuring Physical Products

If your product is a physical item, you need to create a shop location first and then configure the quantity in the product edit page.

By following these steps, you can create and customize your products on MakePostSell, making them ready for customers to purchase..