How to Create a New Shop on MakePostSell

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Setting up a shop on MakePostSell is a straightforward process. This guide will walk you through the steps to create a new shop, customize its settings, and configure essential features like domain and Stripe integration.

Creating a New Shop

  1. Create a New Shop: Go to the Create New Shop page.
  2. Fill Out the Form: Enter the required information in the form fields.
  3. Submit: Click the submit button to create your shop.

To create a new shop, you need to provide some basic information. Here are the fields you need to fill out:

  1. Shop Name: This is the name of your shop. It should be unique and descriptive of what your shop offers.
  2. Phone Number: A valid phone number for your shop. This is important for customer support and verification purposes.
  3. Billing Address: The address where your shop is registered. This is used for billing and legal purposes.
  4. Shop Description: A brief description of your shop. This helps customers understand what your shop is about.

Here's what the form looks like:

Customizing Your Shop Settings

After creating your shop, you can customize various settings to make it unique and functional. Here are the fields available in the shop settings page and their purposes:

  1. Domain Name: Set a custom domain for your shop. This makes it easier for customers to find you.
  2. Announcement Ribbon:
    • Ribbon Text: Text that appears at the top of your shop's pages.
    • Ribbon Text Color: Color of the ribbon text.
    • Ribbon Color 1: Primary color of the ribbon background.
    • Ribbon Color 2: Secondary color of the ribbon background.
  3. Plausible Analytics Domain Name: Integrate Plausible Analytics for privacy-focused tracking.
  4. Stripe Public API Key: Enter your Stripe public API key. This key usually starts with pk_.
  5. Stripe Secret API Key: Enter your Stripe secret API key. This key usually starts with sk_.
  6. Maintenance Mode: Enable or disable maintenance mode for your shop.

Configuring Domain and Stripe

Setting Up a Custom Domain

A custom domain makes it easier for customers to find your shop and gives your shop a professional appearance. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Choose a Domain Registrar: A domain registrar is a company that manages the reservation of internet domain names. Popular registrars include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Google Domains.
  2. Purchase a Domain: Search for and purchase a domain name that represents your shop.
  3. Access DNS Settings: Log in to your domain registrar's website and access the DNS settings for your domain.
  4. Create a CNAME Record:
    • Name: Enter the subdomain you want to use (e.g., shop if you want
    • Type: Select CNAME as the record type.
    • Value: Enter as the value.
    • TTL: Set the TTL (Time to Live) to the default value or a low value like 300 seconds.
  5. Save Changes: Save the DNS settings.

Integrating Stripe

Stripe is a payment processing platform that allows you to accept credit card payments securely. Here’s how to integrate Stripe with your shop:

  1. Create a Stripe Account:
    • Sign Up: Go to the [link removed] and create an account.
    • Log In: If you already have an account, log in [link removed].
  2. Generate API Keys:
    • Navigate to API Keys: In the Stripe dashboard, go to the Developers section and click on API keys.
    • Create New Keys: Generate a new set of API keys. You will get a Publishable Key (starts with pk_) and a Secret Key (starts with sk_).
  3. Enter API Keys in MakePostSell:
    • Stripe Public API Key: Copy the Publishable Key and paste it into the Stripe Public API Key field in your shop settings.
    • Stripe Secret API Key: Copy the Secret Key and paste it into the Stripe Secret API Key field in your shop settings.
  4. Save Changes: Click the save button to apply your changes.

By following these steps, you can set up and customize your shop on MakePostSell, making it ready for customers and transactions.